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If students take off the 3 months+ that includes term 3 and the school holidays on either side, when they rejoin us in term 4, the majority of it consists of reviving what they have already learned. Nearing Christmas, we have nearly gotten them back to where they were, but by then, the January school holidays are looming, and if students have a 6-7 week break without doing much swimming, well, you can imagine…

"Having a break in term 3 not only puts a fair dent in your child’s learning, it also ends up costing parents quite a bit more having to pay for additional terms to revive and reconsolidate their child’s aquatic skills. It can also result in student boredom and resistance – we have heard kids say, “But, I have already done all of this. Why do I have to do it all again…” 


Although people generally relate swimming to sunny days and sandy beaches, swimming is actually best done in the winter – it is one of the few sports where participants and spectators are indoors and warm, and it is guaranteed that training will never be washed out! 

Actually, most of the PE Coordinators of the primary schools who do their school swimming with BFLF always want to book during term 3 – this way, they know that their students will comfortably participate in an entire program of sport without the weather interfering…


Contrary to the old wives tale, the majority of viruses are spread from person to person – they are not contracted from a cold wind, rain, or water on the body. Please see www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au for further info. 

For your child’s comfort, best to make sure they are rugged up in a warm jacket, long pants, warm foot wear and beanie for the short trip from our front door to the car.


I know with most of you, I am preaching to the converted, but SWIMMING IS A LIFE SKILL FIRST, then a sport, hobby, form of exercise etc. Our kids need to know how to swim and save themselves, if not for now, but for future times when they are not with you as they grow into teenagers and adults. 

Learning to swim is a gift that keeps on giving, year after year, generation after generation…